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What is it about the sea? The fact that it changes, and the light changes, and the ships change. The feel of being entwined with the ocean? That when we go back to it - whether it is to sail or to watch it - we are going back from whence we came.

interiors of restaurant 51 table setting facing the colorful boats Xandari Resorts - Harbour - fine dining experience Xandari Resorts - Harbour - a perfect spt for sunset lovers red door at the xandari harbour Xandari Resorts - Harbour - delicious seafood Xandari Resorts - Harbour - dining space Xandari Resorts - Harbour - fine dining Xandari Resorts - Harbour - dining_1 couple seating with a framed artwork
interiors of restaurant 51 Xandari Resorts - Harbour - dining_2 restaurant 51 at night xandari harbour pool Xandari Resorts - Harbour - spice harbour entrance food provided at the restaurant 51 top views of the table setting table set facing the water table setting at restaurant 51 Xandari Resorts - Harbour - dining_3


The menu at the all-day restaurant, 51, is based on the coast’s position as a trade magnet throughout history. For thousands of years, starting with Egyptians, ships have docked here in search of spices. With the spice and the silk routes intermingling, Eastern Mediterranean influences entered local cuisines. This blend - what we fondly call Malabar Soul Food – brings together Indian and Mediterranean ingredients and food ways, slow cooked for our guests to enjoy.

Malabar Soul Food - embodies the spices of the land blended with the memories of distant homelands, taking people back to the time when people who loved it cooked for themselves in a way that was meaningful and satisfying.

food setting at restaurant 51;


Xandari has been offering farm-to-table menus since the opening of its first property two decades ago. Set on some of the most fertile agricultural land in Costa Rica, it is not surprising that from the beginning we decided to offer a menu enriched by all-natural vegetables, greens, fruits, herbs and spices grown on property. Our commitment, and the productivity of our efforts, have only grown during these two decades.

In recent years in India we have replicated these practices and expanded according to the conditions there. Xandari Harbour has a backwaters farm property dedicated to supplying fruit and vegetable produce, and animal livestock for dairy products and all natural meats. Efforts are being made now to restore the several acres of aquaculture that were part of an earlier history of this farm property. Additionally, our relationship with the fishing community who park along the waterfront of our harbour-side provide a sea-to-table extension of these commitments.

Boating Experience wellness at xandari harbour


Morning Yoga and Mediation is always best practiced at the beach. Water symbolizes serenity, tranquillity, and acceptance. Watching the flow of water is said to have a relaxing effect on the mind. So, if you are looking for some fitness routine, help yourself to some yoga. Or, Dive into our infinity pool in the center of the property, which seems to float on the edge of Kochi harbour, it offers the perfect place to refresh after a day in the town.

Incense Stick Making Experience;


Souvenir shopping- Check. VIAKERALA SHOP: From elephant paddy paper products to notebooks, toys and hand-crocheted jewelry, there’s something for everyone at our signature shop. The products are sustainably sourced, keeping in mind the women’s self-help groups and welfare centres they benfit. Design aesthetics are also thoughtfully addressed in Viakerala’s quirky line, which reflects the spirit of the land.

We came up with 'Sunshine and Rickshaw' for our guests who like to take their sweet time and hang around the yellow monster (Xani she is named ) parked in the courtyard and the rest of her crew who do rounds in the bustling streets of Fort Kochi. Don't let Zani’s artwork deceive you. They say nothing can ride the Indian roads like an Auto Rickshaw!

You can also indulge in simple luxuries of life such as to listen to fishermen folk tales, watch them catch fish using the Chinese fishing nets, hop aboard a sunset cruise and watch the cultural shows that are showcased at our resort.

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