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  • Guest /Travel Agent need to provide information about the Traveller details including Nationality , City of residence and other travel history.
  • If the guest is arriving from restricted countries or regions collected information will be passed on to local authorities.
  • Safety, hygiene and other necessary instructions will be shared to the traveller Along with reservation confirmation, which will help them to plan their trip.

Arrival -Reception

  • Temperature checks at entrance will be mandatory
  • Guests running a temperature of more than 37° C should be politely asked to return or directed to the closest hospital/medical facility
  • Traveller must wear N95 mask, extra masks will be provided by the hotel –if required.
  • Guest luggage will be disinfected with Isopropyl alcohol (70%).
  • 70% alcohol-based sanitizer will be available at the reception area.
  • Distance between the guests will be maintained and it should be approximately 6ft. ( Floor marking would be done)
  • Guests will be informed on E News paper, E Reading materials which will be sent through what's app or any other digital medias.
  • For all pre-booked Guests the check-in formalities will be completed through online to reduce contact and time at the front desk.
  • Guest will be briefed about the instructions need to be followed at the Resort.
  • Cotton swab will be available for guest to sanitize/clean their phone and credit cards.

Guest Rooms

  • Extra masks will be available in the room.
  • Signage with information on sanitization norms will be placed in the rooms
  • Due to Social Distancing norms, we will allocate alternate rooms or leave two rooms vacant in between, based on occupancy levels.
  • Laundry, room service instructions should be available in the room
  • Room linen will be changed on every day or only on request; no turn down services to facilitate minimal contact.
  • Floors mopping will be done with 1% of Sodium Hypochlorite.
  • Cleaning process will be done with warm water
  • 70% alcohol / Chloroxylenol (4.5-5.5%) / Benzalkonium will be used as per manufactures instruction to wipe down the surfaces where the use of bleach is not suitable, eg: metal.

Room Service

  • Associate will be wearing mask while going for a room service delivery
  • During room service ,social distancing will be maintained (clearance procedure will be informed while placing the order over the phone and while delivering)
  • Minimum interaction during room service/ clearance will be ensured.


  • Three layer masks will be provided to guest if He/She t is not wearing one. Extra masks should be available for the guest usage .
  • 70% alcohol-based sanitizer will be placed at the entry of the restaurant and washroom areas.
  • To maintain the Social distancing norms, only limited tables will be available in the restaurant.
  • Guest need to make a prior table reservation and need to confirm the same with the restaurant before they entering into the restaurant.
  • Only TDH or 'a la carte' options will be provided to guest. Buffet service will not be available temporarily

Business Centers

  • Guests should wear masks and glows. Extra masks will be available for the guests –If required.
  • Enough space will be maintained between each work desks.
  • Guest numbers will be controlled in the area based on maximum allowed.
  • Each desk, equipment and work area will be disinfected after the guest has moved out. In case of non-attended Business Centre, 70% alcohol-based sanitizer will be kept at entry point.
  • Details of all users will be collected and stored for a period of time.


  • Guest need to inform the departure time to the front desk well in advance to maintain the social distancing and to reduce the crowd
  • Separate check-out area will be arranged if it's getting over-crowded and wherever possible will promote e-check out by emailing the bill & accepting online payments
  • Sanitizers and cotton swabs will be provided for the guest use.

Guest Transportation

  • Driver will be wearing protective gear such as N 95 or approved surgical mask, gloves etc.
  • The car will be disinfected with Isopropyl alcohol (70%) especially steering wheel, dash, armrest, console, seat adjuster, shifter, cup holder, doors, handles and more before every arrival
  • The driver section will be segregated with a fiberglass or a transparent sheet.
  • Minimal conversations will be maintained between guest and driver.
  • Guest instructions on safety/Hygiene will be placed at the back seat; the information booklet will cover all the steps being taken by the hotel for safety and sanitization along with the operational norms for restaurants, room service, housekeeping & laundry procedures.

Note : Hotel reserve complete right to make changes in the SOPs at any point of time based on the guidelines/ instructions directed from the Government/ Department of Tourism/Health Ministry of Kerala.

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