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Destinations at Thekkady

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A Sanctuary in the heart of Kerala's Forest Reservoir.


thekkady hills;


Thekkady, the eastern gateway to Kerala –‘God's own country’, is full of dense green vegetation, the heady scent of spices, panoramic view, lakes, evergreen forest, and an abundance of wildlife, ranging from elephants to species of bird like cormorants.

great hornbill in the forest reserve in thekkady;


Periyar Wildlife Reserve is a protected area with no human settlements within the forest. This allows Periyar's mosaic of moist deciduous habitats to flourish across all strata - grasses, herbs, shrubs, creepers, epiphytes and trees.

periyar reservoir;


The Periyar Lake is a reservoir; a flooded area that was created in 1895 by the building of the Mullaperiyar Dam. The tree stumps offer excellent perches for Periyar's rich birdlife. This lake is one of the few places where a dam has been good for an ecosystem.

The Periyar Lake forms the heart of the sanctuary and is the lifeline for a plethora of plants and animals. It is rich in fish fauna, with around 40 species of fishes, of which four are native to Periyar.

In the Summer, apart from some streams in the high altitude evergreens, water sources tend to run dry. The year round availability of water from the Periyar Lake is the backbone of the reserve's diversity

tiger at the periyar tiger reserve;


Nestled in the southern region of the Western Ghats is the backbone of diversity in the mountain range of peninsular India.The Periyar Tiger Reserve is the oldest and largest Protected Areas of Kerala (777 ).

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