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The Xandari story started long before the Kerala connection - it was a piece of paradise in Costa Rica, built by architect Sherrill Broudy who had a lifetime of experience and skill, and brought alive by his wife Charlene who added vibrant art, sculpture, ceramics and colour to the visual pallette. Along with them, the idea grew on with attentive design, green thumbed gardeners and a network of services by the local community that surrounds Xandari. Travelers who came in the early 90s, return every year to a place that is both familiar and at the same time constantly renewing itself. New ideas for energy efficiency, recycling and minimising usage of plastic have been implemented over the years. The farm and the orchard have now become the main source for raw ingre- dients in the kitchen. The coffee from this region is world renowned and you can take one of our bags home as well.

Xandari is not possible without Community.

The people you meet here are the ones who live in this little village called Tacacori. Costa Ricans, you will learn, are a happy tribe. They are as curious about you as you may be of them. As you walk through the resort, the rainforest takes centerstage. A rivulet with three waterfalls runs along one side and a farm and coffee planta- tion on the other side. You will hear the chirping of Central American birds as you eat your meals at the edge of the valley. You can see the airstrip of the town San Jose - close and convenient, yet far away and quietly peace- ful. The twinkle of the stars in the night sky seem to have a resonance in the valley lights.

This year we salute the global effort of the United Nations to mark a worldwide aim and collective effort for Sustainability Goals 2030. This encourages us to push our internal goals even higher for our core philosophy:

Community, Collaboration & Conservation

the three pillars of sustainable operations for the future we want for Xandari.

We welcome you to journey with us, collaborate with the Xandari community and support us in efforts of cultural and environmental conservation that is practiced at every Xandari.


Since its inception, The Muthoot Group has been transforming lives of millions of Indians across the country, giving wings to their dreams and creating successful realities. The Muthoot Group is a flourishing business empire that has pervaded into each and every big & small town of the country, is home to 20 diversified divi- sions and 4500 plus branches with a global presence. Over 2,53,000 customers visit The Muthoot Group branches every day. The story of The Muthoot Group is built on the foundations of passion, commitment, hon- esty, traditions and values. Our principle of continuous growth and expansion forms the essence of all our activities.


Based on its belief that hospitality can improve lives and also be good for the natural and cultural environ- ments, The Muthoot Group embarked on a journey in 2001 to deploy its resources in the interest of entrepre- neurial conservation.

Simplicity, elegance, and tranquility were keywords accompanying the conservation objective, and this led to The Muthoot Group acquiring Xandari Resort & Spa, one of Costa Rica's most successful properties. Other Xandari properties in Kerala include a waterfront boutique destination in the spice trading district of Mat- tanchery and a private beach hideaway on the pristine sands of Mararikulam beach.

Now, MLHS is set to pioneer a sustainable chapter in tourism with its crown jewel — Xandari Reserve set on 2,000 acres of forest area just north of Goa. Xandari destinations across the world are partnerships with local communities - to conserve, protect and replenish the environment. From the harbour-front of Fort Kochi to the valleys of Costa Rica, the Xandari story is a testament to nature's ways, soul of the land, and people's faith.

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