Ayura Wellness

A Nature Retreat

Xandari Cardamom County - ayurveda

Ayura is our Green Leaf certified wellness center, where we offer an introduction to Ayurveda, an ancient way of life that promotes healthy living. Ayura provides stress-relieving therapies, but not the same as you might find in a spa in resorts in other parts of the world.

  • No holiday to Kerala can be considered complete without a spot of soul soothing Ayurvedic rejuvenation. Experience the effects of Nature's own healing fragrances amidst the lush wilderness and pristine comfort.
  • Set against this abundance of wild life and wilderness is Ayura, an exclusive Ayurveda Spa. Designed to transport you into a world of healing and therapy, Ayura offers a wide array of cosmetic and therapeutic treatments.
  • Lifestyles, job profiles and social pressures are increasingly leading to undue stress, fatigue and illness. Ayura has painstakingly put together several wellness packages for a variety of ailments and durations.
  • All treatment and therapy is prescribed according to the individual's Prakruthi or body type.
  • Personalized consultations with the resident physicians, the seasoned hands of their experienced masseurs, Yoga and meditation are all part of the prescribed Ayurvedic therapy.
  • If treatment for specific illnesses and therapy is what you are looking for, the physicians at Ayura will assess and create a healing programme especially for you.
  • Durations of packages could vary from 14 to 21 days or more as per your individual requirements. Absorb the tranquil freshness of healing and relief. Ayura is wholly dedicated to Ayurveda and YOU.

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