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This is the beach hideaway you have been daydreaming about. Come with those you most want to be with. White sands, waves. Coconut trees, breeze. Private villa, sanctuary. Fresh food, delicious.

Life is simply beautiful at the beach. Xandari Pearl is just that. Off grid, relaxed.

Pearl Essence

Simplicity is an orienting theme at Xandari Pearl on Mararikulam Beach, rated one of the top five “Hammock Beaches” in the world by National Geographic.

Here at this ‘secret’ locale, in the company of those you most want to be with, simplicity is the perfect setting.

A Pearl beyond price: a simple, organic, comforting, private hideaway.


Marari beach boat
Xandari Pearl reception

Homes have been set back from the beach in Marari for many generations. It was never crowded. Following the historic use of Xandari Pearl’s 18 acres we built 20 villas.
The privacy that this layout affords is the luxury that we offer.

Five adjectives to describe the experience at Xandari Pearl:

  • Rejuvenating
  • Comfortable
  • Private
  • Simple


K. P Ravindra Kurupu
Chef, Xandari Pearl
Ravindra Kurupu chef2


Our relationships within our neighboring vicinity go deep. Mararikulam, the beach where Xandari Pearl is located, has been home to fishermen forever. Their encampments are throughout the trees that hug the coast, with only their colorful boats and nets visible on the beach. They are our neighbors. We depend on them for daily supply of fresh seafood. Members of their extended families have trained with us, and now offer world-class hospitality. On any given day, some of those boats will be hauled from the sand into the sea and groups of men will head out, usually at dawn, for the catch. Seasonal variations bring different fish close to shore, and these boats tend to stay within sight of the beach and return before noon. Fish sorting, net repair, chai time fills the afternoon.


The men and women who work at Xandari Harbour, who are typically urban by upbringing, just like anyone imagine from time to time that the grass is greener somewhere other than their regular work place. Their work-related daydreams take them frequently to the beach. Since it is a work daydream, they picture substituting for their colleagues at Xandari Pearl. Just an hour’s drive down the coast, it is easy to imagine. Likewise for the men of the Riverscapes backwaters, with most of their time on the houseboats, they tell us their thoughts drift frequently due west a few kilometers to the pearlescent sands of Marari. We encourage their work daydream for the same reason we encourage you to daydream about a few days of your vacation at Xandari Pearl.


Bananas! It was one of our international volunteers who drove us bananas, so to speak. She had taken a break from her university studies and was on a mission to expand our organic farming initiatives across several Xandari properties. When she suggested a “banana genome project” we had to pull out the dictionary to understand what she meant; but now you can come and see it, taste it and think about its implications for the future of our planet.


Pearl Suite view3
water facing Pearl room
Green Pearl interior
Blue Pearl interior view

You are never too far from the sea in any of our 20 villas, five of which have plunge pools. Designed to accommodate two guests, all villas are crafted with the concept of laidback elegance in a natural, green setting.

All villas include a large private garden with sandy sit-out, private dining area, hammock and chaise lounge. Showers open to the sky add the ultimate luxury.

Blue and green are the color accents that represent sea and land, embracing the "pearl feeling" that white represents.

Designed with relaxation in mind, all villas are television-free zones.

Pearl Suite garden


PearlSpot restaurant table Xandari Pearl
Xandari Pearl restaurant night view


Xandar Pearl's all-day dining restaurant overlooks one of Kerala's most beautiful swimming pools set naturally within stands of coconut, mango and cashew trees. There is a demonstration kitchen if you are inclined to learn from our chefs how to prepare your favourite dishes from our menu.

Xandari Pearl food image

in & around

Xandari Pearl Main Pool
Marari beach cycling

With our compliments

  • Bicycle rides through town or along beach road
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Beach volleyball with staff
  • Interactions with tree climbers and local community
  • Pool games
  • Football on the beach

At your leisure

  • In-room massages
  • Yoga in the open
  • Visits to Mararikulam Shiva Temple and Velorvattam Mahadeva Temple
  • Drive to St Andrew’s Basilica, built in 1851 by Portuguese missionaries
  • Sightseeing trip to Alleppey (beaches,lighthouse, temple and church visits)
Viakerala Design Shop Xandari Pearl

Viakerala Shop

From elephant paddy paper products to notebooks, toys and hand-crocheted jewelry, there’s something for everyone at our signature shop. The products are sustainable sourced, keeping in mind the women’s self-help groups and welfare centres they benfit. Design aesthetics are also thoughtfully addressed in Viakerala’s quirky line, which reflects the spirit of the land.

Xandari Pearl cycles and trees

Tips for Travellers

  • Therapies
  • Beach Yoga
  • Visit to Mararikulam Shiva Temple
  • Drive to St Andrew's Basilica
  • Sightseeing Trip to Alleppey
Xandari Peral pond2
Xandari Pearl property image


Unit of Marari Beach Resorts Pvt. Ltd.
MNP XV/505, Beach Road, Arattukulam Jn.
Mararikulam North PO, SL Puram, Alleppey,
Kerala - 688523, India.

T: +91 478-2830900

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