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Xandari is set in Tacacorí de Alajuela on a ridge overlooking Costa Rica’s majestic Central Valley in the foothills of Poas Volcano, 1200 meters above sea level. We’re 20 minutes (7 kilometers) from Juan Santamaria International Airport, but a world away.

A unique creation with tropical colors and contemporary design.


Xandari Resort & Spa offers the quintessential Costa Rica experience. The property’s forest reserve, with five waterfalls and miles of trails for bird-watching, provides the nature guests expect from a visit to Costa Rica.

The landscaped gardens, the orchid house, and the farm all provide an additional abundance of tropical goodness. The Spa provides ample opportunity to unwind, to relax, to absorb the surrounding nature.

All 24 villas, each uniquely designed and set within lush foliage, have spectacular views. And three times a day, our restaurant demonstrates the role of local cuisine in giving visitors an authentic sense of place.


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Xandari Costa Rica villa terrace
Xandari Costa Rica plant
Ultra Villa terrace

Architecture and art are highlights of the Xandari experience in Costa Rica. Twenty-four spacious villas are surrounded by lush gardens, with terraces facing spectacular views of Costa Rica’s majestic Central Valley day and night. Each is a unique creation, with tropical colors and contemporary design.

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Tacacori, where Xandari is located, is a rural village in the foothills of Poas Volcano, set in one of the most scenic coffee growing regions in Costa Rica. Members of the community historically worked primarily in these coffee fields. When Xandari was formed two decades ago a new opportunity allowed a few dozen community members to transition from agriculture to hospitality. They were trained in all the skill sets required to operate a world class resort, and rose to the occasion—from early on Xandari has earned favorable coverage and rankings in the glossy magazines that help travelers decide where to take their next vacation.


In 2015, Xandari grew beyond its Tacacori roots. In Kerala, India you can visit Xandari Harbour, Xandari Pearl and Xandari Riverscapes—each offers its own interpretation of the Xandari’s authentic sense of place. We have shared our way, and each of those three Xandari communities have receptively adapted what we have shared and found their own way. Preparations for this expansion seemed at times like a jazz concert, full of individual virtuosic improvisations as well as perfectly coordinated duets and full orchestral maneuvers. Okay, that sounds fancy, and we are not trying to be fancy. On the contrary, simplicity is our way. But working together within our property is collaborative. Working together across the expanding Xandari communities is also collaborative.


Our aim is to reduce the environmental impact of Xandari more and more each year, and to protect the nature reserve that makes up a large percentage of our property. Xandari is pretty good at the basics, with a comprehensive recycling program; waste byproducts being composted and used to fertilize our gardens; fruits and vegetables grown organically on-site; and laundry dried outdoors in the sun as often as possible. We also encourage and help preserve the local culture of surrounding villages.


Xandari Costa Rica villa
Xandri Costa Rica Villa
Xandari Costa Rica Star Villa living area

Designed with relaxation in mind, most of our 24 villas feature private terraces with panoramic views and private gardens. Our original 17 villas and 2 lap swimming pools are on the East Hill, with easy access to the Main Building, which houses our Reception, Restaurant, a full bar, local arts and crafts shop, and a TV/DVD Room.


The Spa Village at Xandari is set in a tropical garden at 3900 ft. (1200 meters) elevation, with a breathtaking view of the Central Valley.

Only 20 minutes from the San Jose International Airport, Xandari is a hidden jewel of Costa Rica.

All Natural Ingredients: Xandari is dedicated to using natural ingredients provided generously by nature in this particularly rich and diverse country.


Xandri Costa Rica Spa entrance
Xandari Costa Rica Xspa entrance
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Xandari Costa Rica XSpa

Each of our five private, palm-roofed jalapas has its own hot tub and massage table, where you can enjoy one of our many treatment options, from scrubs to massages, with a full view of the Central Valley.

The Special Feature at Xandari Spa Village is your own palm-roofed jalapa with an open-air jacuzzi, perched on a hill overlooking the Central Valley.

To enjoy your spa experience to the fullest, relax in the jacuzzi before your treatment...


Farm to Table philosophy vegetables

Xandari’s terrace restaurant features a variety of healthy choices, from Costa Rican specialties to Californian and Mediterranean cuisines.

Our farm-to-table menu begins at breakfast and continues through lunch and dinner, featuring fruits, vegetables and dairy items grown in our own plantations with all-natural methods.

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Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism

We are certified by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT) in Sustainable Tourism, and currently have a sustainability level of 4 out of 5 rating. As part of our sustainability program, we practice the following:

  • The Plant-a-Tree Program, a way for guests, employees, children and neighbors to contribute to reforestation. Xandari provides a tree, the know-how and location – and an individual, couple, family or group carefully plants it, with a staff member’s help or guidance. A marker by the tree is a lasting reminder of who planted that tree and when.
  • Organic compost is created from food and garden waste and used on site. It is mixed with local soil, dry grass, leaves and branches to create a rich organic soil that enriches Xandari’s gardens.
  • Energy conservation is practiced by using CFL bulbs that consume 75 percent less energy and produce 75 percent less heat than standard bulbs, efficient LED lights, and solar lighting on walkways. Solar panels heat our Sunset Pool and Pool #1. Guests and luggage are transported via electric cart. We encourage both staff and guests to turn off lights and unplug equipment that’s not being used. We have constructed a drying area with a transparent roof for drying hotel laundry when weather permits, and many guests elect the option of having their towels and sheets laundered less often.
  • Water conservation is practiced by collecting rainfall and diverting some of the river water into canals that are then used to irrigate our gardens. Also, regular testing is done by the staff reviewing WC’s leaking as well as pipes. During the rainy season our Sunset Pool is filled with rainfall water.
  • Recycling of paper, glass, aluminum and cardboard is done by staff in all areas of the hotel, including the sorting of villa waste; recyclable and refillable bottles are used when possible; and products with the least packaging are preferred.
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products are used throughout hotel; an alternative to chlorine is used in the swimming pools. The pool water is purified with a system of natural chlorination using salt. Organic bacteria EM (efficient microorganism) is used in the cleaning of rooms, reducing the use of chemicals.
  • Local employment of people from Tacacorí is favored. Out of 57 total employees, 44 are from the small village of Tacacorí where Xandari is located. As an example, our manager grew up and still lives 100m from our entrance. Many of our very-local employees have been with Xandari since its inception, and provide us with a consistent, dependable work force, while we provide them with a consistent, dependable employer. But much more than that, we have become a caring extended “family,” not only nurturing Xandari together, but watching each other’s children grow, attending weddings, celebrating births, learning each other’s language, sharing cultures, and creating our future together. Most other employees are also relatively local, from surrounding villages or Alajuela.
  • Regular donations are made to the Asociación Pro Ayuda al Niño y Adolescente en la Salud (“Assocation for Child and Adolescent Health”) which helps provide medical attention to children and adolescents from lower income families. We also support the Asociación de Terranostra (“Terranostra Association”), a nongovernment organization that pioneers in educating the public on the proper management of solid waste in Costa Rica and raises awareness for the conservation of water resources, by leading a yearly community street clean-up in the local town. Lastly, we also are involved with Asociación de Desarrollo de Tacacorí (“Tacacorí Assocation of Development”) which ensures that the needs of the local community are being addressed, such as maintenance of roads, improved lighting, and affordable public transportation services.
Xandari Riverscapes pool image view
Our pictured 125-foot Sunset Pool overlooks the Central Valley, but we also have two other heated lap swimming pools. All the pools are saline-treated rather than chlorinated, and two of them have solar panels to keep the water extra warm. Two of the pools have a hot tub alongside them.
Xandari Costa Rica natural waterfalls
About three miles of wooded trails wind through our 12-acre forest reserve, which includes a small river with several waterfalls. The largest of these natural cascades is between 60 and 70 feet tall. We offer a daily waterfall and nature tour that lasts around two hours and is a great way to explore the private reserve and the Costa Rican forest within. Price is $15 per person, and a morning departure is recommended.
Orchid house
Our Head Gardener, José Luis Ballestero, has bred orchids over the last thirty years, displaying them in both national and international expositions and winning ribbons for his exemplary Costa Rican specimens every time. Visit the Orchid House, just below the restaurant, to see some of the floral beauty that we care for, or enjoy the orchid displays in our reception and bar area that rotate from the greenhouse itself.
Farm to Table

At one end of our extensive orchard, which is primarily filled with orange trees for our morning juice, we have an elaborate chicken coop that houses over thirty chickens, who neighbor alongside a pair of goats and trio of turkeys. Not far from this spot, a long greenhouse bursts with fresh fruits and veggies, ranging from cherry tomatoes and eggplant to arugula, chard, and bell peppers, depending on the season.

Our West Farm sports yucca, jicama, and tiquisque maturing underground, as well as pineapple, several varieties of banana, and heirloom Borbón coffee growing above it. A couple hydroponic bamboo scaffolds near the greenhouse and Main Building sprout strawberries, mint, lettuce, and various herbs used in the kitchen. None of the produce grown on property knows the touch of harmful synthetic chemicals, and instead enjoys the experienced care of our dedicated team of gardeners and rich homemade compost. Both a Garden and Farm Tour and a Medicinal Plants Tour are available with our head gardener.

Xandari Costa Rica pool area
At Reception, we have several card and board games that can be borrowed for use in the Lobby or your villa, and there is a Ping-Pong table just below the restaurant in the Studio Annex. Next to the TV/DVD Room we have a selection of books in our little library, supplemented by a small selection of volumes in each villa.
Alajuela city

Xandari is only 5km (3mi) north of the city of Alajuela, known as the “City of Mangos” because of the incredible amount of mango trees growing in its parks and squares, especially the Central Park. Alajuela has a warm climate and friendly people; many points of interest like the Municipal Theater, Central Market, Cathedral, Cultural Center, History Museum and others can be reached on foot once you’re in town, and are definitely worth seeing. On Fridays and Saturdays a short visit to the Farmer's Market is highly recommended to experience a particularly local slice of life. Juan Santamaría, Costa Rica’s national hero and the namesake of the country’s main international airport, was born in the city of Alajuela and is commemorated by a statue in the central park, as well as by the Museo Histórico Cultural Juan Santamaría. The province of Alajuela has the highest coffee and cane sugar cultivation in the country, and also boasts a good deal of dairy production. The province also features several of Costa Rica’s best-known volcanoes, such as Poás, Arenal, and Rincón de la Vieja, which are all national parks.

  High Season
Nov 15, 2015 to Apr 30, 2016
(Not included Dec 24 to Jan 02)
Holiday Season
Dec 24, 2015 to Jan 02, 2016
Green Season
May 1 to Nov 14, 2016
Rate w/tax Rate w/tax Rate w/tax
Prima $265.00 $299.45 $285.00 $322.50 $195.00 $220.35
Prima Plus $285.00 $322.05 $305.00 $344.65 $215.00 $242.95
Ultra $350.00 $395.50 $370.00 $418.10 $265.00 $299.45
Ultra Plus $370.00 $418.10 $390.00 $470.70 $285.00 $322.05
The Star $570.00 $644.10 $610.00 $689.30 $450.00 $508.50


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Please send all other reservation requests and any changes in writing by email to info@xandari.com or by fax to 506 2442 4847. Please follow our Terms & Conditions (available during reservation process) for initial payment in full. This is important to guarantee your reservation.



Through our partner Ruta Verde, we can provide ground transportation to and from the airport and other destinations in the country if you need it. Please consult the list below for regularly visited locations and transfers

Airport Transfer Arrival  
Airport Transfer Departure  
San José Transfer  
San José Round Trip  
Poás Volcano Round Trip (four hours)
Tirimbina Reserve Round Trip (full day)
Sarapiquí Rafting Round Trip (full day)
Arenal Volcano Transfer  
Arenal Volcano Round Trip (full day)
Carara NP Round Trip (seven hours)
Carara + Jaco Round Trip (full day)
Esterillos Transfer  
Manuel Antonio Transfer  
Manuel Antonio Round Trip (full day)
Monteverde Transfer  
Sl. No. Trip Description Travel Time from Hotel (mins) Departure Trip Duration Note
1 Poas Volcano Scenic drive to top of Poas, one of world’s widest accessible volcanic craters. Stand on its edge and look down into a bubbling blue cauldron. Poas has active fumaroles in its inner crater. The second crater, Botos, is a crystal clear rain-fed lagoon surrounded by jungle and reached by a walk through dwarf cloud forest. 45 Your choice but for best view, 8am is recommended. Approx 4 hrs  Wear long pants, comfortable shoes. Bring light jacket plus rain gear. 
2 Poas Volcano & Dairy Tour Visit the Poas Volcano and then enjoy a two hours dairy tour, through the farm boundaries with incredible views and pastoral landscapes. Learn about rural customs and traditions, as well as an overview of strawberry production including harvest and eating (seasonal). Next comes the cow-milking process and a cheese tour involving tastings. 45 Your choice but for best view, 7:30am is recommended

Daily Tours: 9am, 11am, 1pm. 
Approx 7 hrs   Wear long pants, comfortable shoes. Bring light jacket plus rain gear. 
3 Rainforest Canopy Colinas del Poas Rainforest canopy adventure close to Poas Volcano. 14 cables, 24 platforms, 2 km total journey. Nature trails for walkers. 30 Tours available at 9am, 11am, 2pm   3 hrs Wear long pants, sturdy shoes. Bring rain jacket, camera, and change of clothes.

(Can be combined with Dairy Tour for an additional cost)
4 Doka Coffee Tour Scenic drive through coffee plantations to Doka Coffee Mill. View actual processing, drying, and roasting, plus an explanation of coffee picking.   20 Your Choice 1 hr Open - 9am, 10am, 11am, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm Mon to Fri (Sat and Sun, last tour 2:30pm)
5 Zoo Ave – Bird & Animal Zoo Small, fascinating zoo set in gardens, operated by non-profit Nature Restoration Foundation. Originally a bird zoo, it now includes Costa Rican monkeys, mammals, and reptiles. All animals are former pets or injured wildlife. 20 Your Choice - Open: Daily 9am–5pm.  
6 Alajuela City Tour Alajuela is the second largest province in Costa Rica and the city of Alajuela itself is known as the “City of Mangos” because of the incredible amount of mango trees growing in its parks and squares, especially the Central Park. Alajuela has a warm climate and friendly people; many points of interest like the Municipal Theater, Central Market, Cathedral, Cultural Center, History Museum and others can be reached on foot and are definitely worth seeing. On Fridays and Saturdays a short visit to the Farmer's Market is highly recommended to experience a particularly local slice of life. 15 Your Choice 2.5 hrs Wear comfortable shoes. Museum is closed on Mondays.
7 Horseback riding at Finca Caballo Loco A variety of different trails cross pristine rivers and pass impressive waterfalls while winding their way along scenic paths in the midst of the lush and majestic secondary forest. This unique Costa Rican horseback riding experience will take you along the edge of a spectacular canyon with panoramic views of the El Rodeo Biological Corridor. Nature lovers will especially enjoy this tour, which will allow you to connect with your horse while giving you the opportunity to appreciate the flora and fauna that our country is so proud to protect 60 mins Tours available at 8:30 am or 11am  - Wear long pants, comfortable shoes. For 6 pax maximum. Children under 6 years are not allowed
8 River Rafting: Class III & Class IV Rapids on Pacuare River Beautiful river canyon. For adventurous beginner or experienced rafter.  180 mins 6 am / return 6 pm 12 hrs
Time on river: Approx 3.5 hrs.
Optional: Connoisseur Rafting, Premium Trip.

Bring rubber-soled shoes, shorts, t-shirt, swimsuit, sunscreen, towel, and complete change of clothes including shoes, plastic bag for wet clothes. Disposable waterproof camera recommended. 
9 River Rafting: Class II & III Rapids on Sarapiqui River / Chocolate Tour at Tirimbina For the adventurous beginner or experienced rafter. 7 miles (11 kms) of rafting through impressive rainforest that towers over the banks of the river. There are also stretches of calm water during which you will float amongst a wide range of flora and fauna. Tour begins at 9am. Time on river: Approx 2.5 hrs. After lunch, enjoy a wonderfully informative and tasty chocolate tour at 1:30pm.   120 mins 7 a.m 12 hrs Bring rubber-soled shoes, shorts, t-shirt, swimsuit, sunscreen, towel, complete change of clothes including shoes, plastic bag for wet clothes. Disposable waterproof camera recommended.
10 Tirimbina Biological Reserve & Neotropical Center Experience the breathtaking drive through dairy and agricultural country, skirting Poás Volcano and stopping at La Paz Waterfall. At Tirimbina Reserve you can take a guided nature walk through a 750-acre protected forest, crossing a 262m (860ft) bridge over the Sarapiquí River. You could also enjoy the amazing chocolate tour available at 8am, 10am, 1:30pm or 3pm. Then, step into a cultural exchange of pre-Columbian times at the Neotropical Center to see an archaeological discovery (1999) with stone tombs, learn about many of the local indigenous customs, art forms, and medicinal herbs.   120 mins 6 am / return 2 pm 7 hrs -
11 Carara National Park / Beaches This coastal rainforest is home to hundreds of fascinating species of birds (Scarlet Macaws, toucans, trogons), amphibians (poison dart frogs, toads), reptiles (iguanas, basilisk lizards, snakes), and mammals (several monkey species, sloths, armadillos). Cross the famous crocodile-filled Tárcoles River before reaching the park, which opens at 8am. Several experienced bilingual bird and wildlife guides equipped with telescopes on tripods are available for hire at the park entrance. From the park you're only half an hour away from the beach! 120 mins Early Morning / Return Evening 10 hrs -
12 Rainforest Aerial Tram Explore natural hanging gardens in the rainforest of Braulio Carrillo National Park in gondola with nature guides. 90 mins Open 7am to 4pm Early departure recommended. 6 hrs Wear sturdy shoes. Bring light jacket plus rain gear.
13 Arenal Volcano & Tabacon Hot Springs Day or night at Arenal – your choice! You’ll be driven through scenic country, over central highlands, past quaint towns, across San Carlos plains, and arrive at the dramatic Arenal Volcano. 180 mins Your Choice 12 hrs Wear sturdy shoes, pants, light jacket.
14 Gravity Falls Waterfall Jumping in Arenal* A scenic river canyon hidden in the rural rainforest near Arenal. This exhilarating and multi-sport adventure involves waterfall jumps, waterfall rappels, river tracing, rock climbing and river canyon swims. For adventurous beginners in good health and physical condition.   150 mins 7 am / Return 5 pm 10 hrs

Time on river canyon: Approx. 1-1.45 hrs.
Bring rubber-soled shoes, flexible pants or long shorts, t-shirt, swimsuit, sunscreen, complete change of clothes including shoes, plastic bag for wet clothes.
Optional activity in Arenal: Stand Up Paddle Boarding & Hot Springs* A perfect activity for all outdoor enthusiasts. A fun water sport right on tranquil Lake Arenal with beautiful views of the colossal Arenal Volcano. Afterwards, a relaxing trip to the hot springs to soothe the muscles and to enjoy a delicious dinner. 180 mins 8 am / Return 5 pm 9 hrs

Time on lake: 1.5 hrs.
Bring swimsuit, sunscreen, towel, t-shirt and shorts to get wet in, complete change of clothes.

*Transportation for both tours can be arranged in the same van for groups with members that want to do either one of the activities. 
15 Calypso Catamaran Day Cruise Cruise by the Gulf of Nicoya Bay Islands in the Manta Ray Catamaran. Glass bottom for underwater viewing. Experienced naturalist guide. Full-service bar, jacuzzi.   120 mins 6:30 am / Return 7:30-8 pm 12 hrs Bring swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, bug repellent.
16 Calypso Private Reserve Cruise Cruise from Puntarenas to Punta Coral at the tip of Nicoya Peninsula. Experience dry tropical forest, beach and wildlife (howlers, parakeets, hummingbirds, butterflies). While at Punta Coral, swim, snorkel (rental fee) or just enjoy the beautiful beach. 120 mins 6:30 am / Return 7:30-8 pm 12 hrs Bring swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, bug repellent. 
17 San Jose City See Costa Rican culture, art, history, and crafts. Visit San Jose’s historical sites, museums, parks, and neighborhoods. Souvenir shopping (Calle Nacional de Artesanías in Plaza de la Democracia highly recommended). 45 mins Your Choice 4 hrs minimum Wear comfortable shoes. Museums normally closed Mondays.

Please note that prices and details of Day Trips quoted are subject to change. Cancellation penalties might apply. We welcome hearing about your personal experience so we can keep our information current and recommend only the best. All of us at Xandari hope you enjoy every day of your stay in this beautiful paradise of Costa Rica.

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