Xandari Resort & Spa Costa Rica
Please send all reservation requests and any changes in writing. Please follow the Terms & Conditions for the initial deposit and payment in full. This is important to guarantee your reservation.

Reservations for the Holiday Season (December 20 - January 2) require full payment 90 days prior to arrival. Reservations made within 90 days of arrival require payment within 7 days. Should the reservation be cancelled 90 days or less prior to arrival, payment is non-refundable.

PAYMENT TERMS (for seasons other than Holiday Dec 20 – Jan 2).
Full payment is due 30 days prior to arrival. For reservations made within 30 days of date of arrival, payment is due within 48 hrs.
If we do not receive payments required, the space reserved will be released. However, we will endeavor to contact the original party before releasing the space and considering the reservation canceled.

All cancellations must be sent to our Reservations Department in writing. Should the reservation be canceled 30 days or less prior a to arrival, Xandari Resorts will charge a cancellation fee according to the table below:

Days Prior to Arrival - Cancellation Fee
30 - 15 days 25% of all nights reserved.
15 - 7 days 50% of all nights reserved.
Less than 7 days 100% of all nights reserved.
A fee will not be charged for cancellations received prior to the 30-day time period.

We accept only MasterCard, Visa or American Express. (We do not accept Traveler’s Checks.) Please request a credit card authorization form from our Reservations Department or fill out our secure reservation form at: https://www.xandari.com/Reservation.php