Xandari Resort & Spa Costa Rica
Xandari Resort & Spa designated by World Travel Award
as “Costa Rica’s Leading Spa Resort”

Enjoying a Massage in a private Jalapa
Private Spa Treatment
Private Jacuzzi
Enjoy a couples massage at the Spa
Spa Village Professionals
Couple enjoying a relaxing soak in their private Jacuzzi
Spa at Xandari Resort & Spa Costa Rica
Woman being pampered at the Spa Village at Xandari
Entrance to the Spa Village at Xandari

The Spa Village at Xandari is set in a tropical garden at 3900 ft.
(1200 meters) elevation, with a breathtaking view of the Central Valley.
Only 20 minutes from the San Jose International Airport, Xandari is a
hidden jewel of Costa Rica.

All Natural Ingredients Xandari is dedicated to using natural ingredients
provided generously by nature in this particularly rich and diverse country.

The Special Feature at Xandari Spa Village is your own palm-roofed jalapa
with an open-air jacuzzi, perched on a hill overlooking the Central Valley.
To enjoy your spa experience to the fullest, relax in the jacuzzi before or
after your treatment...

Private Jacuzzi before or after treatment.
25 min. $15 or $30 per hour for one or two persons

Healing Herbs Jacuzzi Infusion of fresh-cut herbs is added to jacuzzi. Enhances relaxation, benefits circulation and respiratory
system. 25 min. $20 or $35 per hour for one or two persons

Couples Jalapa Prepared for two people to receive treatments together.

Welcome to Paradise 1 hour of relaxation, on arrival or before departure.
20 min. jacuzzi w/ white wine or ice tea, plus a 40 min. massage. $75

Xandari’s Massages
Smooth Full-body Massage    1 hr. $85 1½ hr. $115
Deep Tissue Full-body Massage 1 hr. $90 1½ hr. $120

Hot Stone Massage Inspired by Amerindian techniques. Heat from
smooth, warm stones penetrates muscles and joints. 1½ hr. $145

Thai Yoga Massage
Therapist uses his hands, knees, legs, feet to move you into a series of
yoga-like stretches. Relaxing, yet a workout.  1½ hr. $125  2 hr. $160

Holistic Massage Stimulates, harmonizes. Guided meditation and energy
balancing.  1 hr. $85  1½ hr. $115

Head Massage 45 min. $70

Foot Reflexology Pressure point foot massage, for whole body. 1 hr. $85

Xandari Facials

Aromatic Facial Exfoliation and abstraction, scents of essential oils.
1 hr. $75    75 min. $90

Sensitive Skin Facial Gently eliminates dead cells. 75 min. $90

Super Moisturizer Facial Super-hydrating anti-wrinkle formula. Glycoproteins from silkworm cocoons restore skin’s balance. 75 min. $105

Full Facial with Foot Reflexology Facial treatment and massage, combined with acupressure and foot reflexology. 1½ hr. $115

Xandari’s Tropical Body Treatments
all wraps / masques include foot or head massage

Sweet Coconut w/raw sugar, aloe, honey, vanilla, cinnamon scrub, then
coco-cream wrap and/or moisturizing massage.   1 hr. $95    1½ hr. $120

Xandari Coffee Coffee scrub and wrap w/aloe and scents of essential oils. Antioxidants reduce cellulite.    1 hr. $95    With 30 min massage    1½ hr. $120

Chocolate Delight plus mint scrub, followed by chocolate cream massage
and wrap. Mood lifter, increases antioxidant levels. 1½ hr. $120

After Sun Wrap w/healing aloe and lavender, and soothing banana leaves
cover. Followed by gentle massage with moisturizing cream. 1 hr. $95

Aromatic Mud Full Body Masque Rich, natural, tropical mud nourishes,
smoothes skin. Detoxifier, plus mud tones skin as it dries. 1 hr. $95

Xandari Special Moments

Xandari Heaven Jacuzzi Jets, Conditioning Hair Treatment, Body Exfoliation
and Full-Body Massage. 3hrs. $190

Lymphatic Drainage Soft, rhythmic full-body massage maneuvers to
eliminate toxins, strengthen immune system, reduce swelling and water
retention. Good for weight loss or well-being programs. 1½ hr. $125

Xandari Touch Personalized treatments designed for you. Holistic
combination can involve energy work, reflexology, massage, lymphatic
drainage, body treatment, stretching. 2 hrs. $160

Royal Treatment Exclusive pampering of feet, hands and head. Includes
aromatic bath, scrub, masque, massage, essential oils. 1½ hr. $125

Natural Beauty Coffee scrub with chocolate wrap. Aromatic facial. Xandari
manicure and pedicure. 3hrs. $225

Xandari Classes

Massage Class for 2 Persons
Learn proven massage techniques to care for each other. 1½ hr. $105

Increase flexibility, balance, relieve stress and relax through slow yoga movements which place attention on the breath and the journey between the postures. 75 minutes $60/ 2 or more $40 per person

Low-impact body conditioning routine that helps build flexibility, strength, endurance, and coordination. 75 minutes $60/ 2 or more $40 per person

Holistic Stretching
Guided meditation along with soft stretching exercises to enhance your spiritual life. Learn to holistically interact with physical, emotional and intellectual limits. 75 minutes $60/ 2 or more $40 per person

These classes can be tailored to your level of expertise.
We recommend loose clothing, and no heavy eating 2 hours before the class.

Manicure & Pedicure

Spa Manicure Warm hand bath, scrub, nails, cuticle care, hand massage.
Oiled hands caressed in warm mitts. 1 hr. $45

Spa Pedicure Footbath, scrub, nails, cuticle care, foot massage. 1 hr. $45

Manicure & Pedicure combo, shorter version. Includes warm hand, foot
baths, scrub, nails and cuticle care, moisturizer cream and polish.
75 minutes. $65

A Day in Paradise • á la carte

6-hours. Hour relaxing and jacuzzi in private jalapa, then any 3 treatments:

Spa Manicure or Pedicure 75 min. Thai Massage 1 hr.
Smooth Massage 1 hr. Reflexology 1 hr.
Deep Tissue Massage 1 hr. Head Massage 45 min.
Holistic Treatment 1 hr. Aromatic Facial 1 hr.
Body Treatment 1 hr. Sensitive Skin Facial 75 min.

Healthy lunch in your jalapa. White wine or fruit drink.
A final hour of relaxation in your private jalapa with jacuzzi.
$320 for one person or $305 p/p for two persons or more

Twilight in paradise… Start package late morning and enjoy a massage or jacuzzi in the evening by candlelight, viewing lights in the Central Valley.

note: alcoholic beverages from the restaurant not included in prices