Environment Xandari Resort & Spa Costa Rica
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A few of our farm animals
Fresh food grown in our organic gardens
Fresh food grown in our organic gardens
Caring for Costa Rica's Environment
Environment Xandari Resort & Spa Costa Rica
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Xandari's Environmental Program

Our aim is to diminish the environmental impact of all hotel operations and
to protect the invaluable natural resources of the area. For example, Xandari has a
comprehensive recycling program; waste byproducts are composted and used to fertilize
our gardens; fruits and vegetables are grown organically on-site; and laundry is dried outdoors in the sun as often as possible. We also encourage and help preserve the local culture of surrounding villages.

Restoring the Land When the land where Xandari Resort is now located was purchased in 1989, the property was almost entirely planted with coffee, except for those areas too steep to harvest. There were few birds or butterflies as there were no trees, bushes or flowers to attract them. Slowly, we began to replace areas of coffee with trees and tropical plants in an effort to return the land closer to its natural state. As part of this effort, our guests are invited to plant native trees during their stay at Xandari. As the many varieties of plants grew and the gardens were extended, increasing numbers of birds appeared and nested. Now we have numerous birds and butterfly species living free at Xandari, and intriguing bird songs fill the air from morning through the night. We research which trees, bushes and flowers especially attract, feed and provide shelter to the various types of birds and butterflies that inhabit Costa Rica and are constantly adding new varieties to our botanical gardens.

Coffee beans from our plantation - roasted and served in our restaurantThere is still enough coffee at Xandari to educate guests about the coffee plant. The beans of our remaining plants continue to be harvested and some are processed in the coffee served in our restaurant. Some beans are also used in the Coffee Scrub treatment in the spa.

The gardens have become botanical, delightful, varied and educational, and provide the natural feeling this land may have had earlier in its history. Guests at Xandari can see many varieties of the indigenous plants of Costa Rica in our gardens and along the trails, along with the wildlife that accompanies them. Plants are labeled on our botanic trails so guests can note the botanical and common names as they experience their tropical beauty on strolls and hikes.

The Concept of Stewardship At Xandari, we enjoy the idea that we are only “stewards” of the land. After all, none of us are able to own any piece of land forever; we are all only temporary inhabitants of land that will survive us. We take pleasure in the idea that we will leave this particular piece of land better, more natural, healthier than when we arrived.

Nature Reserve As part of our dedication to preserving the environment, a large area of our40 acre property is being set aside in perpetuity as a nature reserve at Xandari.

Environment Xandari Resort & Spa Costa Rica

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