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Xandari originated in the coffee-growing hills of Costa Rica’s Central Valley. Architect Sherrill Broudy conceived a spa resort two decades ago on a 40-acre estate with lush gardens and a large forest reserve within its borders. His simple, elegant architecture complements the quintessential Costa Rican landscape design: meandering paths through native vegetation and carefully planted edible gardens, each villa with access to miles of trails through the forest reserve’s green canopy, with rivers and waterfalls and invigorating mountain air.

Today there are 24 villas complemented by one of Costa Rica’s most beautifully designed spas, with treatment jalapas overlooking forest and valley. All buildings at Xandari, as well as garden areas, benefit from the touch of Charlene Broudy, a successful artist whose work includes painting, textiles and sculpture.

Those gardens produce much of the organic fruit and vegetable supply for the Xandari kitchen, as well as its coffee and many of the herbals used in the Xandari Spa treatments. The restaurant is a destination on its own for Costa Ricans of the Central Valley, who appreciate both the quality of the cuisine and Xandari’s commitment to natural produce. The forest reserve is an oasis for the bird species native to Central Plateau Costa Rica, as well as for the migratory bird population that makes its way through Costa Rica each year.

In 2013 the Broudy family entrusted Xandari to the new ownership by a family from Kerala, India who shared the Broudy family’s vision. The Muthoot family, having fallen in love with Xandari, determined to bring the essence of Xandari back to India. Each of the three Xandari properties in Kerala, India offers its own interpretation of the Xandari Costa Rica’s authentic sense of place.