Xandari resorts ethos


Visitors to all of the Xandari properties have commented on how the architecture fits its surroundings. Simplicity and harmony are two words frequently used together. Over the years this has made us realize how important our core values are in everything we do, from the tangible to the intangible. The villas in Xandari Costa Rica are spacious, with abundant views of the distant valley as well as of the lush surrounding gardens. Simply harmonious.

The buildings of Xandari Harbour were featured in Architectural Digest noting the graceful restoration of historic buildings in south India’s scenic harbour town, Fort Kochi. Xandari Pearl, on the beach one hour south of Fort Kochi, has curvaceous villas that guests creating a pure zen experience. Xandari Riverscapes, the traditional houseboats, offer simplicity and harmony onto Kerala’s backwaters. Simply harmonious.

Since Xandari’s earliest days in Costa Rica, it has been a community enterprise. Recruitment of the team that built the property was carried out within the local community of Tacacori surrounding the property. Most of the community members hired at that time stayed on as members of the maintenance and grounds-keeping teams. Their extended families and neighbors were recruited for resort operations positions prior to opening, trained in the various hospitality functions. Many of those original employees continue working at Xandari today, two decades later, as do their sons, daughters, nieces and nephews. We have followed the same pattern in India, with community the centerpiece of our staffing.

All this is a collaborative effort. Costa Rica inspired India, and now the same happens in the opposite direction, with best practices from the newer properties in India shared with Costa Rica.