Xandari Resort & Spa


The hills of Xandari, with 40 acres of native trees, indigenous plants, and botanical gardens, provide the
habitat for a wide variety of tropical birds and butterflies. This beautiful natural setting is only a short distance
yet a world away from the populated area of the Central Valley and the International Airport.

A variety of guided tours at Xandari are available. Tours usually last 2 to 2-1/2 hours
and are conducted in either English or Spanish. Cost is $15 per person, $8 for children under 12,
with a minimum of 2 persons and a maximum of 8 persons.
Guests are requested to sign up for tours at Reception before 6pm the evening prior to the tour.
Walking shoes, binoculars and bottle of water are recommended.
Walking sticks are available at the Main Building, where the tours begin.

EARLY BIRD TOUR. Over 85 species of birds have been identified at Xandari. Depart at 6am when many birds are active and the weather is most favorable. (Note: Birds at Xandari List available.)
WATERFALLS & NATURE TOUR. A hike along approx. 4 kilometers of scenic trails, through botanic gardens, orchard and natural forest, then along the Tacacori River to waterfalls. See the 70 ft. high Xandari Waterfall. Your guide will point out plants, birds and other sightings of interest. If time allows, visit the Xandari farm and greenhouse. A 6:30am or 7am departure recommended. The typical hike involves some long descents and ascents on well-maintained trails. However the tour can be customized for guests desiring easier routes.
GARDENS & FARM TOUR. An easy stroll through our botanical gardens, identifying the many plants, trees, birds and butterflies. See the amazing collection of orchids in our Orchid House. Visit our greenhouse, vegetable gardens and orchard. See chickens that provide many of our eggs, turkeys and ducks, goats Sparkle and Twinkle, and our “Vivero,” where we germinate and cultivate many plants seen in the Xandari landscape. Also visit the composting area, where we convert kitchen waste, plant cuttings, and organic materials into nutrient rich planting soil.
Aloe Thraskii • Skin Aid Amapola • Decongestant Caña Agria • Diuretic Curcuma • Laxative Guarumo • Decongestant Saragundi • Rheumatism
MEDICINAL PLANTS TOUR. Many of the trees and plants at Xandari have medicinal value that locals say may be more effective and better for you than the usual pills and prescribed medicines. This tour is usually conducted in Spanish by our head gardener, José Luis Ballestero, who has a wealth of knowledge on this subject.
ORCHID HOUSE. A visit to our Orchid House by individual guests, without a guide and without charge. See the life-long collection of award-winning orchids by our head gardener, José Luis Ballestero.
RESERVA BIOLOGICA CARARA (Carara National Park). Guided tours can be arranged to Carara National Park, a 1-3/4 hour drive from Xandari, where the diversity of trees is one of the highest in the world. Carara is also one of the best birding localities in all Costa Rica, noted for scarlet macaws, toucans and fiery-billed aracari, plus some of the rarest and most spectacular animals of tropical America. Details of the tour and cost are available at Reception.
Xandari • Certified in Sustainable Tourism • Costa Rica Tourism Institute (ICT)