Painted Wall Sculpture on the Art Studio Terrace Mosaic Sculpture near the Sunset Pool
Painted Wall • Sculpture • Studio Terrace   Mosaic Sculpture • Sunset Pool • 24” dia.
Iguana Fountain Mosaic at the enrance to the Spa Wall Tapestry - Rhapsody
Mosaic Iguana Fountain • Spa   Wall Tapestry • “Rhapsody” • w 96” x h 48”
Painted Wall Mural in the Restaurant Bar
Painted Wall Mural • Restaurant Bar
Mosaic Stupa in the Garden
    Mosaic Stupa • Garden • 24” dia. x h 64”
Acrylic Painting Serendipity Tapestry Jacqueline
Painting “Serendipity” • Acrylic • w 96” x h 48”
Tapestry • “Jacqueline” • w 51” x h 66”      
Mosaic Wall Mural at the Entrance to Xandari
Mosaic Wall Mural • Entrance • w 118” x h 48”
Mosaic Sculpture in the Botanical Garden
Mosaic Sculpture • Botanical Garden • w 125” x h 86”
Various paintings and sculptures at Xandari Costa Rica
Mosaic Fountain with Carved Concrete Feature
Mosaic Fountain • Carved Concrete Figure