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Gardens. Stroll through our botanical gardens and view a wide variety of extraordinary tropical plants, some marked with their popular and technical names. See outdoor sculpture. You may find a camera essential!

Nature Trails. Hike more than 4km of trails through our natural tropical jungle to river views and five waterfalls, one over 40ft. long!

Spa Village. You must see the Spa! There are 5 jalapas with hot tubs on the hillside, where you may enjoy a massage, wrap, facial and/or private soak... all in your own very private jalapa.

Birds. Observe many species of tropical birds attracted by our plantings and the natural forest.
Listen to their enchanting songs.

Swimming Pools. Our pools are really designed for swimming! We have two heated 60 ft. long lap pools, one with an outdoor jacuzzi. And our newest Sunset Pool (a must see!) is 125 ft. long with a stunning view of the Central Valley and an additional jacuzzi.

Greenhouse. Take a walk through orchards to our greenhouse, where we grow organic vegetables for the restaurant.

Farm Animals. Visit our farmyard with goats, Sparkle and Twinkle, and their offspring, turkeys Hansel and Gretel, and an assortment of ducks and chickens.

Orchid House. See a variety of tropical orchids, lovingly cared for by our head gardener, José Luis Ballestero, who created a new hybrid orchid officially recognized and named “Xandari Ballestero.”

Sunbathe. Relax in the sun (or shade) on your villa’s private walled-in terrace, or by a swimming pool.

Library. Select a book to read in your villa, the garden or lounge.

Movies. Select a movie from our collection to watch in the TV room.

Cocktail Hour. Enjoy a drink, conversation and the sun setting over the Central Valley.

3 Guided Nature Walks. Bird Watching; Waterfalls & Nature; Gardens & Farm. Click here to find out more.

Environment. Learn about our comprehensive Sustainable Tourism Program from a staff member.
Plant a tree that you can visit next time you’re at Xandari!